Loyal Vitor

The family Rabbit chose the majority of the councilmen, therefore the elect mayor could not count on the support of these councilmen and nor of the governor of the time Agamenon Magalhes. Joo ' ' Barraco' ' it did not make a good administration, made many projects, but they had not been approved. However, it carried through some workmanships. The colonel Joo ' ' Barraco' ' the family ' ' Coelho' ' they had had many disagreements politics. Large cabin died, the family if politics desestruturou economically and, from there the ascension of the figure of Quel colonel acting in the local politics. A ticket of the book coronelismo hoe and vote of Loyal Vitor, shows the coronelismo as to be able.

Therefore ' ' coronelismo' ' it is over all a commitment, an exchange of advantages between being able notadamente public gradually fortified and the declining social influence of the local heads of land gentlemen. (1997, p.40). As we can observe the coronelismo has this power to command, of to sobressair to its interests, to carry through action where the government delays to arrive. Amongst the figures of colonels who had acted in our city, I detach the colonel of bigger relevance politics? economic and social that was Clementino de Souza Rabbit, Quel Colonel. He was a man of futurista vision.

It was the biggest richness of the region Are Franciscana at the time. Its branch business-oriented was varied. It exported and it commercialized coffee, cotton, kerosene, wax of bee, penalty of ema, rapadura, mamona, leather and skins. Quel colonel did not have much study, but he learned the sufficient to manage businesses. It had an enterprising spirit for the businesses, the commerce. It travelled some times to negotiate in Salvador and neighboring cities. It did not measure efforts to have what it wanted. Important figure, dress (white only dressed), proprietor well supplied, richness always in growth, could not receive another heading, seno of colonel.


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