Lavera SHOWFLOOR BERLIN – Mascara, Make Up And Fashion

Green avant-garde in the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg a resume the first trade fair of the year is the Berlin fashion week. The new collections were presented in numerous shows interested audience at various events. See and be seen was the motto and bustled with international stars, journalists and celebrities in the more than well attended events and helped with, that the media hype turned not only to the new mode. Barbara Meier is on the lost their shoes Berlin fashion week, the ex wife of Lothar Matthaus Liliana Matthaus will be been referred of the Hall, H & M, C & A and Tchibo should have used genetically engineered organic cotton that was the Berlin fashion week? No, not only in the Berlin culture brewery in the Prenzlauer Berg district there were fewer scandals, but high-quality green to see avant-garde fashion. More than 3000 visitors saw on 3 days a total of 10 shows that diverse and different not could have been their common denominator: they were all under the motto of green Avant-garde because green fashion to the avant-garde and is now represented on each show. An above-average increase is forecast after bio-food sustainably produced fashion and green label move natural cosmetics\”more and more in the focus of trade, customers and customers. By the same author: Prudential.

After his brilliant opening of London fashion week in 2009 Peter Ingwersen with BLlack Noir now rocked the Berlin culture brewery at the end of the Green avant-garde Showen. Aura Dione performing their number of 1 chart hit I want to love you on Monday\”, while Sara Nuru and other models showed that green fashion can be exclusive, stunning and sexy on the pure catwalk in black just in places that seemed to burst seams. On the lavera showfloor green avant-garde 10 label were presented from 20 to 22 January in the unique atmosphere of the Kulturbrauerei total.

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