Latte Macchiato

The cult drink latte macchiato is originated from Italy the classic latte macchiato in Italy and came to us then some time ago about the Alps. Now he has become a kind of cult drink with us, even if he but strongly differs from the traditional preparation. The latte macchiato in Italy created was actually as a drink for the children so that these were also in the enjoyment to drink coffee together with adults. This hot milk was poured into a glass and add a small shot with hot espresso came. So he holds still in its traditional form in Italy, when right in the touristic regions now of vacationers is suited the taste and the latte macchiato is so served, as we know it from our local.

Difference between traditional latte macchiato and the in drink with us is also served here with a spoon and in Italy with a straw. Namely the original latte macchiato should not be mixed and each of its two layers should be enjoyed individually. Be with us the layers mixed with a spoon after serving. These layers consist of three parts and these are espresso, hot milk and milk foam. First heated milk is poured into a sleek and high glass, followed by a layer of espresso and it used another layer with milk foam.

To round off the taste, the milk foam is very often still with some cocoa powder is refined that it spreads out. A kind of cult status has reached us of the latte macchiato and so it is not surprising that now offered a lot of different combinations. (A valuable related resource: Under Armour). So it is widely used, that some syrup is added instead of cocoa powder or other fine spices. The milk can vary, and instead of the traditional cow’s milk, soy milk, oat milk, or rice milk is used. Then are the variations, which have fewer calories and can be enjoyed by a wider range of people. Breakfast is the latte macchiato in high and slender glasses with a capacity of up to 0.4 litres. The glasses are relatively thick, so macchiato really long enough right the latte remains hot. Typically, a stemmed teaspoon is served in individual layers can be mixed together with the. Who doesn’t like this and want to rather enjoy the layers separately, which can do this also with a straw. Here it depends on the individual taste and everything is possible. Torsten Stieler

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