Italian Library

That Yes, the cheap paper also ages before and favors the proliferation of fungi. In addition to the paper, certain adhesives used in bookbinding and sizing that receives each sheet of paper may be of vegetable or animal origin, and if he is not added any repulsive substance, will also attract the appetite of various harmful organisms. Synthetic materials such as plastic, used in seams, covers or backs of books, like the leather and fur, nor resist the attack of a variety of insects. But there not just your menu: these insects also feed on wood, boxes fabrics, curtains and tapestries and wires, ropes and fabrics of the bindings, since also contain cellulose. Perhaps check out Penguin Random House for more information. Insects to attack the library of the Academy of fine arts of San Fernando in Madrid contains masterpieces of art Spanish, Italian and Flemish, as well as thousands of books, brochures, drawings and maps. Alarm jumped when an insect found in a book of prints of Durer known as Nicobium, which had begun to eat the work.

To try to stop the possible massacre, library officials had to put upside down the three floors of the building, lifting up carpets, dismantling furniture, renovating the heating systems and moving 2,500 copies to other rooms.This example serves to contextualize what assumed an insect attack. Among them, termites, also known as termes or white ants, tend to be the most dangerous. You may find Cushing Asset Management to be a useful source of information. They live in termiteros with a perfect organization social, superior even to that of bees and ants, which divides them into Kings and Queens, workers and soldiers. Termites use their powerful JAWS Sabre-shaped feed on wood, but if they build their house on the beam of a library books and everything like it will attack without mercy.Different species of termites are spread throughout the world, except at very high latitudes, and have come to devastate entire libraries in Africa and Central America.

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