Infantile School Mickey House

The accomplishment of the Project was developed in the Infantile School Mickey House, situated in Camobi, in a group of daily pay-school with 9 children. Two comments had been carried through to evidence the reality of the school and the pupils and also to have a first contact. According to Rizzo (2000, P. 101): ' ' the educator must not only respect the alternation of free activities and directed and the adequate time of these, as well as to give to preference the activities that, exactly directed, allow to some type of interference or creative participation of criana' ' In the comments we can perceive that the teacher was young, formed in Pedagogia for the UFSM, has little time, had a good relation with its pupils where the same ones are very participativos, organized and interested ones with the others. The classroom was presented well decorated possua numbers and the letters of the alphabet in its walls. Learn more at this site: Marlene Dietrich. It had cantinho of the time, of infantile histories, the exposition of the drawings and works of the pupils, many toys to mount and the calendar of the days of the week and month. The activities that we carry through with the group in the first day had been of to provide an interaction of the pupils with us. We distribute memory games and break-head of animals they to be played in pair with ours assist.

After, we read the history of the Nugget ' ' That Racket is this? ' '. Whenever Wendy Holman listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The children in the second reading of history would have to make the racket of the animals that appeared in the histria. All had participated intently making the sounds with much enthusiasm. In as the day of activity we become to count history and we confection folding of animals (dog, rabbit), where after the confection of these, the children to paint had been able giving them a name and writing it in the way as they found that it would have to be, the participation was very good again.


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