Importance Right

The importance that in we give the fact to them of in them annoying when somebody does not satisfy our desires, does not carry through our wills, when it does not leave in them to pass to its front in any situation that if presents, denotes the importance that we give in them and that we judge in them deserving. We think, in fact and of right, to be better of what all those that of us if approach. But, what it makes in to think them that we are the privileged ones, those that had been chosen to shine and to dim the other, that one that has the right to leave to the front all? The magnificent one? Who was that it said in them that we must be the first ones in any place? It said who it was forgotten to say, that if all we judge in them deserving of the first place, will not have who occupies excessively. Or not? Who will occupy second, third, if we are all in the top, the point highest of the importance human being, without abiding in them that an immense gamma of other places exists, that go until the infinite? Why it will be that we endeusamos in them in such a way, we feel in them with the right to obtain everything of good that it has in the world before the other? Why we judge in them in the right to receive the credits for carried through tasks and of which we only participate with faces and mouths, that they denote how much we are bothered with such situation? Competing? But so that to compete if the first place already it places in them in situation privileged? We walk for false ways Let us tie us it the reality assumed for our actions. It bothers to think us that the first place does not belong in them. In the attempt to leave the side justice, we forget that better that to be to the front of everything and all it is to assume the responsibility of being that one that of the optimum one of itself so that everything is made I content it. For itself and the other. Always. Heloisa/2011


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