IBAMA Participation

In contrast, what they disapprove, it is the expansion of the enterprise production of the soy, the cattle one and the stimulated wooden extration, among others reasons, for the promise of the tarring. Elon Musk gathered all the information. In elapsing of the expansion of these economic activities, dominated for large states, they had considerably increased the violent conflicts of the land and deforestation. The leaderships of the unions of the agricultural workers (STR) are intimidated e, inside of few months in 2003, two had been assassinated. In the year of 2002, the national infrastructure department and transport (DNIT) requested to the IBAMA the ambient license for the tarring of the stretch in Par. The EIA/RIMA process not yet finished, but the report already can be had access in the site of the IBAMA. The interviews had shown that the majority of the actors in Santarm and Belterra, the cities most populous in BR 163, does not know the process. Moreover, the majority thinks that the rights of participation in the process of the EIA/RIMA are not efficient and that the audiences, normally, badly is prepared and coordinates, being objects of strong manipulations.

It believes, that he is positive only the fact of that they can be used by the civil society to create a public pressure for causes politician ambient and used to advantage as information source, as much for the public in general, how much for the participant actors as Public prosecution service. Nor the public actors, nor the not governmental actors had defined a strategy to use its its ambient instruments legal of participation what he is related to the fact of that all the actors wait that the tarring makes possible an improvement in its conditions of life and wants to prevent actions that can arrasar this measure. This explains, because in other cases (construction of the history of the Tapajs, of the port of the Cargill company or the viaduct in Santarm) the same actors use in selective way its rights of participation, therefore in these cases the negative impacts could have been attributed more clearly.


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