Now, what do you need to create your own products for sale. First, you need to decide the theme for the creation of goods. Then conduct a study to find out whether there is demand for the goods of the subject. If demand does not have to reflect on another topic in which you are well are good. If the demand for goods of this topic is, we need to conduct a study on competition in this area. The first thing to do – is to find products on this topic that are already on sale. In an ideal option to study them, to draw attention to the amount and quality of information provided by the authors of the buyers. In an extreme case, you need to learn at least a description of the goods.

Next you need to plan their future creation. Most importantly, given the products of competitors, you need to offer people something unique on this topic, do not like products that are already on sale. After drawing up the plan can proceed to implement it. This is just main stages of creating your own product. Once your item is ready, it will need to be formalized. In the case of the electronic book, it needs to be done in the format exe, pdf, or in any other. Will also need to create a 3D-box, then is a virtual cover your goods. If it happened so that you are going to create a product to a topic that is in demand, and in this area absolutely no competitors, then you just lucky! Action! But this, as you understand, is quite rare.

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