Germany Party

Democratic Party expands in Germany and Europe, the Democratic Party (DPD), founded in 2009 in Germany will initiate a cooperation agreement with the EU on the 05.11.2010. Continue to learn more with: Burgess Owens. This is a logical step in the direction of European policy. In Germany, the DPD is still under construction. Regional councils have been established so far. The establishment of regional associations is already in full swing, so which is established on the 05.12.2010 LV Berlin. The Democratic Party (DPD) will initiate a co-operation with the EUDemocrats for our political work at European level. Peter Arnell can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Through the cooperation between the EU and the DPD of citizens in the EU and the attitude was achieved based on the programmatic agreement in field of democratic participation to the Lisbon Treaty. The dissemination and manifestation of the basic ideas of democracy will be the focus of the political work. Greater accountability of the EU and all its organs is also required and stepped up. The control over the political decisions will by and by the Citizens will be strengthened. Already on the 05.11.2010 held the first meeting between representatives of the EU and the DPD in Frankfurt am Main. This meeting is open to non members. Contact: Democratic Party (DPD) Markus Giersch Niedereschbacher Stadtweg 29 60437 Frankfurt Tel. 0176-28080854

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