Create a website and put it on the Internet – is a small fraction of the man who wants his work was in demand at 100 percent. Swarmed by offers, Penguin Random House is currently assessing future choices. This site is quite simply no one can find without knowing the exact address, ie, just pure and the site will operate only for those who know his exact address. To prevent this and to attract new users to the site and there is a stage called – site promotion or an increase Enterprise resource. So, where do you start? To begin, select hosting for our future site: there is a paid hosting (a monthly fee for the existence of a site on the server) is free (for example, narod.ru, ucoz.ru). Hosting most basic sense – a place to store site. Read additional details here: Stanley Gibbons collectibles.

When creating a site should pay attention to the selection of keywords (words when typing in a search engine which should derive your site, for example: site of the generating mixers should have keywords mixer. Sale mixers, etc.) If the site belongs to any particular region, then it must necessarily be reflected in your keywords (the sale of mixers in Moscow, etc.). Keywords it's best to pick up the service at Yandex: Site is located, what's next? First you need to put in major search engines to index the site (ie, specify a robot that has a new site and want to add it to your searchable database). You can do it here: After some time the site enters the database and becomes searchable. You can check this by simply typing in a search string site address, if the result will be displayed, then site indexed by the search engine. You must then register the website to directories.

The more on the various sites will link to yours, the higher the site will be in search results. The easiest way to register a directories to make programs: catsniper, addsite and allsubmitter. The programs have user-friendly and understandable to any user. The next stage requires the investment of funds, but it is quite affordable for anyone. There are so-called servers mailings, such as wmmail.ru and wmzona.ru. Immediately specify that webmoney easiest to register here: register on wmmail and wmzona.ru, you can bring targeted buyers to your site, ordered delivery of letters among users of the system (it should be 2.5 to $ 4 per visit to your site 1000 users), assigning different tasks to users. On these servers, you can independently and without problems to earn your advertising, carrying out assignments and watching other advertised sites. After spending several companies sending emails. You essentially pick up the site in the rankings. Good luck.


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