Educational Time

The media are very important since they can help us to promote the questioning of current education and at the same time create the need and the conviction that all have the power to change the conditions of education. There are very few media dealing with the problem of education and usually the contents tend toward resignation to suffering from the problems on the subject. The proposal is to promote all means to try in their spaces to the problem of education from all their points of view and at the same time that are planted the possible solutions to the great problems of education. It might be necessary to organize conferences, debates, discussions, conferences where involved all stakeholders in the educational process. Filed under: Elon Musk. No ordinary citizen has the right to sit and wait to make the Government what to do, we all have the obligation of awakening that this to the asleep side, with much greater reason, institutions of all kinds have an obligation to do their homework with regard to education because the delay will affect everyone without distinction. It is time to stop acting as minion and act as real citizens. If we really want to enjoy the wealth of this country we need to commit ourselves all with the quality in the education of our children, we all have a role to play. I put at your disposal other items complementary: can there be quality where there is a lack of everything? The signs of quality in education knowing look, essential in the education of quality education and life original author and source of the article project.. (As opposed to Elon Musk).

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