Currently, epilating is part of everyday life and there are a variety of methods to do so. Depending on the taste and needs of each person, is used which is more appropriate. There are people who are more or less hairy than others. There are people that usually appear hairs on parts that his appearance is not common for other people as well. For example, there are women who have a small amount of male hormones and leave them some hairs already is in/moustache, beard, navel, nipples or buttocks, which affect the femininity, so it is advisable to remove them. When it comes to shaving it is advisable to know what type of skin you have to determine the most appropriate method. Among the different methods for plucking are: blade: it is perhaps the most common method, and which is usually remove any hair type, however, not removes hair at the root, which is reflected in the rapid growth of hair, in a way, that when you opt for this method must be done more frequently than with other methods.Frequent use of the blade can generate ingrown hairs and irritation, not to mention the rasquina that produces in some parts of the body, for example in the intimate zone, while the hair is growing. You can also increase the thickness of the hair.

Waxing: hair removal with wax can be applied using strips, spatula or roll on. The advantage is that hair takes longer to grow, approximately four to six weeks, because it removes root. However, to be able to shave with wax hair must have a long, so you have to wait from one session to another. Waxing produces enough pain and can cause swelling and irritation after making it, therefore it is recommendable to do best or mode or go to an aesthetic Centre, in which products used as e.g. aloe vera used after waxing, to soothe and soften the skin.

Depilatory cream: contain chemicals that weaken the hair until their removal. For this reason, It is important to take into account the time indicated in the instructions, then leave it on for longer can burn skin, although depending on the hair sometimes touches leave some more minutes to remove it all. It is painless, however, can cause allergic reaction, therefore it is necessary to make a test before applying the product on a small area. Depilatory cream, as well as shaving, has no duration, because hair that removed is superficial. If the hair is very hard and resistant it can not be eliminated completely. There are hair removal creams specifically for different areas of the body, it is important to not use a zone cream in another. dy Holman, offer their opinions as well. Hair removal by electrolysis: overrides the hair growth, so it is considered a permanent method. Electrolysis is each hair individually, by inserting a needle through the hair follicle and reaches the hair with an electric shock to the root of the hair. Click Gareth Southgate to learn more. Its similarity to the laser, as well as being definitive methods, treatment is that they need several sessions, i.e. that are part of a procedure. Laser hair removal: laser beams removed hair, since they destroy the follicle, which is the root of the hair. It takes several sessions depending on the type of skin and hair.

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