The first one of it is cooperation and solidarity, if you make a work in the company with a team you you have that to be intent and to be solidary therefore this work in team will be one part all however if you to carry through a solitary activity in a room where you only act this activity she will be part of a unit will be one part all can give as example the departments of a company if a department will not be functioning all well the company will perish. Another characteristic is pro activity, does not have to be imprisoned only in our activities, if the execution of this already will be been made with success and sobrou time because not to help our colleague to the side, it materialize will be glad itself and be satisfied with the aid that offered you it. The ethical professional knows to influence its collaborators or its fellow workers such to give optimum of itself in its activities, this professional has quality of leader and to this it will raise it quality to a prominence point. Such professional knows to act with naturalness, it adopts the ethical values instead of adopting opportunism methods. This professional has strategies to improve the organizacional environment, exactly that this has to be able inside of the company and has access to the financial resources this professional knows to think has conscience of its acts and knows that to make such act resignation will be able takes it and knows that such act is missed, such professional already he has this fixture in its thought. In virtue of what it was mentioned we are led to believe that by means of the thousands of definitions of ethics and its respective places of performance, the ethics that something that must make presence in any human being, we can observe by means of the shown arguments above that the ethics left of being only one enterprise tool and started to be an instrument publish, it in century xxi is in partnership with the ethics in the Internet, ethics in the organizations, and beneficial personal ethics showing that this tool does not need a fixed meter to be used being able to be used and all therefore who have ethics have everything..

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