Data Protection Supervisor

Privacy and hence the role of the information Commissioner are still unjustly treated in most companies. In addition to a false assessment of the importance of IT in a company, a certain fatigue of bureaucracy is added, in some cases even leads employees to fill these important positions, currently no other use. But just then robbed the company of many advantages of a competent consultant and also in the case of a liability danger to at the end of fall. The information Commissioner is one of many authorized functions, which in recent years has become the compulsory task. There are still no standardized training, which ensures a comprehensive perception of the function for the data protection supervisor. This is however less on the lack of courses, but in the complex requirements to the data protection officer. Also vary the requirements of the data protection supervisor with the enterprise size and protection classes of data.

In addition to this unfortunate Initial situation is it also so in numerous companies, that own IT as cost drivers and impact is felt. While the integration of IT into the value creation process rises increasingly and reaches now craft shops, which can accommodate the oversize customers via Smartphone or where the service technician manufactures its activity report at the customer and sign. Although the company is becoming more and more clear that a failure of IT will sometimes serious consequences for the company with, but the possible conclusions are often difficult. As a consequence of the assessment of the importance of IT within an organization, it comes as a result to a similar assessment of the role of the Privacy Commissioner if not even worse. The reason for this is stored but also still elsewhere. The appointment of a data protection supervisor draws several tasks, which can lead to significant extra costs for the company. Also holds the Commissioner himself certain Risks in his person. The Commissioner must be professional and suitable in his person to assume the role of the Commissioner for data protection.

Also he should bring a high understanding of the IT techniques and IT processes, allowing him to combine the statutory data protection with existing management systems (E.g. ISO 9001). External data protection officer can be, if you are not in a position to transpose the data protection processes in the core business processes, to a burden for the company. Conclusion: A good supervisor helps the company not only to comply with the statutory provisions, but advises the companies on the integration of the IT processes in the core business. To do this, especially the core business and IT processes to be understood. Press contact: it4management Matthias hemming up de Breede 2 46395 Bocholt

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