Dali Heirs In Paris – Masterpieces Of Painting

Great Salon d’Automne at the Grand Palais in Paris since 2004 leads the creative movement Dali Inheritors purposeful in Europe an intense campaign for the renewal of fantastic art. The result is overwhelming. Today, the enterprising artist circle after 15 successful events in Germany, France, Belgium and Spain can refer to tangible results. After the traditional exhibitions in the historic thermal Institute of Le Mont-Dore (F) and in the German hop Museum Wolnzach (D) could the heirs of Dali your meaningful pictures in the European Parliament in Brussels (2007) and later (2009) in the Renaissance palace of the Reial Cercle artistic Barcelona show. Cultural dynamism leads to high-quality projects. The most successful exhibition was held in the summer of 2010 in the tourist town of Viechtach in the Bavarian Forest under the peace”.

The IPax2010 (international peace art eXhibition) had attracted thousands of art lovers. 9 paintings were sold for a total of 105.900.-euros. For the This success was the positive confirmation of an effective strategy. In November, the group is Dali heirs”ascend to the super class. The international reputation of the artist circle had resulted in an official invitation from Paris to the founder of de movement established in the spring of 2010. The Societe of des artistes Francais”(society of French artists) founded in 1663 by de Sun King Louis XIV – is the organizer of the Paris salons, which takes place every year in the vast halls of the Grand Palais.

It is the most important event of the independent art painting in France, which gathers every year, year 600 artists from around the world. Venue is the famous Grand Palace, which was built for the universal exhibition of 1900. The grandiose Hall of 77,000 m2 of steel and glass, is situated between the river La his”and the Avenue des Champs-Elysees. The official involvement of the heirs of Dali “the fantastic art stands for the first time in the Center of Paris art show. “The representative group consists of 7 ma? the painters of the European elite of imaginary art”: Angerer the elder (D), Michel Barthelemy Monica Fagan (GB), David Lefebvre (F), Michael Maschka (D), Peter Proksch (A), (B), Fabrizio Riccardi (I).: Dali heirs, Paris 2010-1 catalogue Dali heirs, Paris 2010-2 catalogue six years after the founding of the movement in Lyon (F) this creative appearance in Paris represents the culmination of a successful tactic. The stand of the heirs of Dali “expecting 50,000 visitors and is in the service of the charisma of fantastic art. The headquarters of the European artists circle located Opera and the Rue de Rivoli from November 22 at Hotel Louvre Montana between the Avenue de l’Opera. Paris is worth a visit. Welcome to the Grand Palais. Roger M. Erasmy, Salon des artistes Francais 23 November 28, 2010 Grand Palais Avenue Winston Churchill F-75008 PARIS

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