Crises Help

Ps. Fernando Alexis Jimnez the letter arrived to him when it thought that it crossed by his better moment. It did not explain much, unless due to the economic recession that struck to Brazil, was necessary to do without his services. " Thank you very much for so many years of dedication to this compaa" it concluded the letter. Maria Carvalheiras felt that crippling fell to him cold water.

" She cannot be happening esto&quot to me; she thought after reflecting that to his 38 years it would not be easy to obtain another employment. By several days she did not sleep nor she did anything, except for selling his car to cancel the pending debts. Thousands of ideas crossed by their mind. It was against the dilemma to let itself die, drowned by the circumstances, or leave ahead. And it took the best option.

It was not let defeat. Navy of much value and optimism, recruited many women of the marginal districts to incorporate them to an incipient product business of first necessity that conceived in the middle of the desperation. It enabled them, it instructed on principles and values and them it taught to sell products door door. It was not easy. At the outset it had many reverses and until problems. But progressively it took force. Today she is one of the most prosperous women of the nation. It recovered the confidence. Sight the future and considers that, of to have followed in that company, she would be one more an employee and not a retailer, owner of his time and its plans, as is today. The circumstances cannot win to you Are circumstances of the life that by complex and the difficult thing, make think that camos about a deep eddy of problems and crisis us del that we will not leave easily. But we have faith in God, those same adverse conditions can become reasons for triumph, as it happened with the protagonist of the story.


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