Cosmetic Manifesto

Similarly, refurbishment of kitchens, bathrooms, lavatories and the like, typically involves employing skilled professionals (plumbers, electricians, tilers) and the use of specialized materials (water resistant, waterproof). Most of these works can be done on their own, but it is – a topic for another article. A simple facelift, which will be discussed, can be described as restore the previous state of residential and office premises without the works to replace the kinds of finishes. This work package involves gluing wallpaper, repainting the ceiling, painting windows, doors, baseboards and casings, and and sanding hardwood floors and covering them with lacquer. Restoration of parquet – the process is rather complicated and laborious, requiring certain qualifications of performers and to use specialized equipment.

For this because of the hardwood is better to instruct a specialist – any initiative aimed at saving money, can turn out more expensive. At the same time, all other operations included in the program simple minor repairs, if you have the desire, time, and the minimum skills, it can be done independently. Since the best results are achieved only in the case of waste and methods use of proven materials (unfortunately, not always the cheapest), be in the works teams of employees to adhere to recommendations of special coatings (BSP), ARA Centre, taking directly involved in the writing of this article. Getting Started The first premise is released from furniture (if possible). The remaining pieces of furniture are grouped in the center of the room and carefully sheltering film.

In any case necessary to provide easy access to the walls around the perimeter and the ability to work across the ceiling area. If replacing the floor covering is not planned, it should be protected from dirt and possible mechanical damage. Parquet, laminate or carpet necessarily cover sheet hardboard or cardboard packaging (clean and dry), over which is laid a thick polyethylene film (with overlap adjacent panels not less than 10 cm).

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