Liquids: The liquids can potentially to destroy a PC at moments. The water is, to a great extent, the most common liquid and because she is conductor will end any computer if she allows herself that they filter in the closet. The closets for waterproof PC also are guided by the European system of the IP with the second number that indicates the protection level. An IP 65 will offer good waterproof protection so that he will be able to even support to a total washing and a washing of spurt or type jet. Many closets IP65 are constructed of stainless steel of nourishing degree, in such a way that they are not corroded nor they oxidize with facility reason why they are ideal for the areas of production and food preparation. Either there is no limit in the amount of water that can support with a hose of spurt and washing of jet as it leaves from his design. Extreme temperatures: The heat is also detrimental for the computers or other electrical equipment. In normal conditions the computer science processors even work I warm up and need to be cooled with ventilators for when they need to work near heavy machinery or industrial furnaces, the temperature can get to be so high that it can literally fuse the transforming.

A closet for equipped specialistic industrial PC with box of additional refrigeration and is available for the equipment that must work in really severe temperatures, the conditioned air and the refrigeration vortex (by means of the continuous compressed air provision) even can be applied in closets for PC that are used even within the furnaces. The cold is, by all means, much more easy to fight that the heat, with the processors that to them much does not concern if he is too cold. The congealed water catched can cause to expansion and damage, so for the closets for industrial PC in charge to work in refrigerators and refrigerators units of heaters usually they are installed to prevent this. Hard impact The impacts are one of the main reasons for which industrial computers need industrial atmosphere protection. Many areas of manufacture contain wheelbarrows elevating, trucks pallets and other devices of manipulation of materials that a small paper clip could even cause sufficient shock like deactivating a computer.

The vibrations of the machines also can cause damages in the internal operation of a computer. The majority of closets for industrial PC is constructed of cushioning steel and contains Rep to us and other devices to guarantee the protection. Robbery and vandalism: Even though that the honesty of its employees can not be in doubt fabric, any unheeded lazy computer or in a public area can be victim of vandalism acts or attempt of robbery, reason thus many boxes for PC is constructed with devices anti-manipulation and burglar alarm. A strong Box PC with lock can be left unheeded in any zone and support even most tenacious of the thieves. Original author and source of the article.


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