Claudia Arellano

By a firm belly by: Claudia Arellano we may be hard to believe, but ice can help us to reduce measures, restore firmness to the skin, improve the appearance when you suffer from cellulite, as it is considered that he helps expulsion of fats through the pores and urine. Icetherapy treatments include herbal teas and other elements that help to the improvement of the skin, do not produce side effects and is considered a cheap and easy alternative how many times we have heard that we must avoid the hot water in the shower to reaffirm the breasts? Also see how to prepare a recipe for cold bandages, and a very effective natural tonic if you’re steady, as constant as do journal Icetherapy home. You need an infusion of Rosemary, climbing ivy, tail horse, coffee powder and yerba mate, boil for 15 minutes and put it in a big boy Bowl, and freeze. When this made ice, already passed by the abdomen making circles of minor to major. For more information see Amazon. It works in all parts body that wants to reduce. Before going on the ice, you have to do a peel.

Cold bandages. 1/2 kg of gel neutro1 tablespoon of menthol dissolved in 3/4 cup of alcohol Comunvendas big stir and refrigerate. If you are not convinced, visit Cigna Medicare Advantage. Wrap the desired part to reduce with the bands previously moistened in this solution and to protect also wrapped with film. Leave for 45 minutes. Natural tonic cold 1/2 glass of juice of Apple(1)/2 cup of melon juice mixture and put them in the refrigerator a little while. When they are cold applied sonre the abdomen giving a pretty circular motion, apply film to protect and leave rest half an hour..

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