Civil Code Property

If the seller refuses to perform the contract, the buyer can claim in court its execution. Thus, the seller gets the desired – namely, guarantees the sale of their land and some of the money at once, and the buyer is convinced of the immutability of the price of a property and sees clearly that it intends to opposite side to the realization of the object. This form of contract is a good way and in a situation where purchased land in horticulture and in the hands of a potential seller only book gardener. According to the law This land can not access the market, since it belongs to State and want to design property rights gardener on site for the subsequent transaction. It's no secret that in order to accelerate common form of hidden sales through renewal of membership in the dacha, which is done in one day. At the same time suffers, above all, a buyer of land. First of all, trying to continue to be owner of the land, he will face the fact that he could not do it for free, just buy it from the state on the land value. According came into force on October 25, 2001 the Land Code of the Russian land Federation is provided in the property for a fee and free to privatize it could only be the former owner, if received prior to the allotment date of entry into force of HCC. Secondly, buying, so that part of the buyer involved in the original invalid transaction, which is one of the grounds under the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, recognizing it as such in court.

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