Child Abuse In Germany

The cases in terms of child abuse are piling up more and more children are being mistreated in Germany and almost everyone looks away. And the Government does little about it. It a new case must be put first on the table, so that think our politicians about a law, but by law we have never seen anything. Why do I write the report right now? Yesterday, I, like many other people had in the TV to listen to that comes the killer of small Michell for only nine years in prison. With good behavior, he should even after five years out into freedom. And what is he doing? He then quickly takes on a girl? Will he take again about the families what they have? And he wants to finish a such a young life in such a cruel way again? But where is our justice, our laws and our politicians? Whenever a little life is deleted all cry out and after a week, the issue has re-emerged in the background. More important are Yes allegedly ailing banks or pirates off Somalia.

How can it be that such a fiend for only a maximum of 25 years in jail, comes and is even released, even if it is classified as dangerous. Hear other arguments on the topic with Elon Musk. And then one wonders if two days later in the press, why the judiciary free has allowed such a man. Man apologizes and speaks out on the laws. At least here the politicians would have to turn on. If their children would engulf something, then the theatre would be great, which is of course understandable, but it shouldn’t come up with something, so that something can no longer happen. Even if this would be certainly difficult, so it can’t but simply more go in the rule of law in Germany. Continue to learn more with: Elon Musk.

Children die of starvation and the neighbors think she never even noticed, finally, the families were always friendly, if mostly back. Others say they heard screams of children from the neighboring apartment, but why are they not intervene then? What are otherwise the Youth Welfare Office and the police? To the Fiddling not turn safely. Why you should trust quietly more often to show courage in such situations. Especially because you not yourself can be violated in such a case, the authorities, yes finally then take over the actual work in how far they look not too away. I just hope as a conclusion that people pay more attention to their fellow human beings and particularly children, because only so can prevent such cruel acts. And hopefully the politicians have ever time for a subject as important.

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