Au Mossor Lemon tree doNorte, becoming the inverse itinerary in the return. The exit if made in the UFPE the 8:00 of day 20 of October of 2009, odeslocamento was made by 101 BR north in the measure where in we moved away to dolitoral the climate and the vegetation if modification to them and gave to place the geographic ruralizao doespao, therefore we went the direction of the zone of the conseqentementeas bush north changes if they made to feel for the creation of animals as bovine, goat cattle, swine, equine and galinceo. The vegetation of Atlantic bush already little for the deforestation became scarce edava place to a deprived of characteristics vegetacional system of that region, asplantaes to the times was made in trusts with the same ones, the sugar sugar cane de far the biggest production in the first area for where the excursion if directed, orelevo if shows consumed for the action of the chemical imtemperismo and fsicoaparecendo some batolitos and depressions> flat, some heaths of winds, compredominncia of the verdejante and more homogeneous vegetacional type and dense comrelao to the half-barren south, the nets of transport in duplication are sendofeitas for the biggest development of the conditions of transport for aagronegocio and the polar regions of the industrial districts of the cut states pelamesma. In macroregional scale the territories are the disposal of who possaoferecer more, therefore the state agencies exactly knowing of the indiscriminate use daterra for real estate ends assent in the practised ones that they buy an area for posteriormenteusa-l to get profit how much of the shape of infrastructural workmanships parabeneficiamento of cities that pass for the sector acquired by the same ones. In casoacima searched the environment foot disrespected deafeningly for beneficiode investing opportunists, in lesser scale the problem is of municipal order ede little sum, but it worries in the future consequences for the environment and space aorganizao of all involved space.


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