The financial obligations that accompany the birth of a child, can also cause a conflict in the couple and even lead to divorce. This financial responsibility can drastically affect marriage, because it seemed to be enough for the two already is not to maintain a family. For many couples, an excess of expenditure of funds by one or both spouses may occur, which would put the couple in debt and cause a burden on marriage. No matter the amount of love that two people have one another, money is needed to live a normal life. Children, another cause of divorce children are also among the main causes of divorce, since many couples believe that having children is something included in the marriage. However, when there is an unwanted pregnancy either by the father or the mother the child can become a light that can burn the marriage. Children as well as the lack of communication tend to be factors of financial stress in a marriage. Alonzo Brooks gathered all the information. Children need much support from both parents, especially if divorce ensues, and when only one parent deals with this work, is not enough.

This situation makes many married couples to discuss about financial matters and with regard to children if it is that one of them is not in accordance with the other. In addition, children require a lot of attention during the aging and although it is necessary that this is carried out by both parents, usually just little time for them. This often makes the spouses feel jealous because they think that they are not already receiving the attention they once had and this can lead to adultery. Many couples experience this conflict in marriage, and as a result come to divorce as a quick exit. In conclusion regardless of the reason, a divorce is never easy. Regardless of whether the divorce is for better or for worse, there are many effects it has on the lives of individuals of couple. Many people experience depression, loss of property and soon found in single-parent households because of the divorce. Million couples married today, lack the knowledge of how to deal with marital problems, which ignore the fact that problems may arise. Even so, the truth is that no one expects the worst in marriage.

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