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First online brand cross-special shipping for sport underwear opens its virtual doors in Frankfurt am Main, October 17, 2011. If professional sportsmen or sports enthusiast amateur the right workout clothes ensures often the critical ounce more on motivation and success. This includes more than Jersey, running shorts, and sneakers. The deeper question: what help sportsmen and sportswomen now under? A response comfortable in every respect coming from the SchiedsrichterWelt”. “” It for its world’s largest special shipping for referee needs “famous Frankfurt-based company has since October 2011 with the virtual store” on the Web. The first cross-brand online special shipping offers a wide range for him and her in all sizes and for all kinds of sports full just with a mouse click for sports underwear. If little is kneifender bra or grinding shorts performance inhibiting as ill-fitting and non functional sports underwear.

For It needs an optimal training textiles in which materiality and processing needs of the respective load are matched by an aesthetic look convincing doing (if possible). SchiedsrichterWelt “owner Ulrich Wujanz aligns with” therefore now a special attention on the sport facilities for under it: so far we have mainly as a strong partner of the referees in appearance. “With our new virtual underwear store, we want to help now other sports greatest lingerie comfort and without time-consuming searching in catalogues or stores.” Renowned for her new underwear shop the SchiedsrichterWelt could”in addition to adidas and trendy brands such as I/O win organic Merino and under armour. A trio that promising trend, quality and comfort and for everyone holds the right.”impresses with its fresh, appealing presentation and guarantees the high quality of service, the the international customers by”know and appreciate. Also ordering and delivery proceeding according to the established system of the referee Designer. The article on the new underwear store can be chosen according to brands or wife/husband and are available directly from stock.

So “customers. train already with maximum comfort, while others are still looking for the best sports underwear To find”, also on Facebook and Twitter. Since the year 2000, SchiedsrichterWelt is the Frankfurt-based company in the commercial register as SchiedsrichterWelt E.k..”registered and recorded an annual growth of at least 20 percent since then. “” As a complement to the world’s largest online special shipping for referee needs “there is now the new online specialty store”. With’ the SchiedsrichterWelt has”among the World Cup 2006 and 2010 as a strong partner for the arbiter, proven, with” the company expanded its target audience and offers a wide range of high-functional sports underwear for him and her. Ulrich Wujanz Ulrich Wujanz, born 1954 in Erbach/Odenwald, owner of the SchiedsrichterWelt is since May 2000″. As early as 1971, at the age of 17, he took the referee examination at the Bundesliga referee Dieter welfare down. It was used in the 1980s as Frankfurt’s top referee in the top leagues as well as as a linesman in the Federal leagues. His sense of Justice is reflected in more than 20 years working as an honorary judge at the District Court, the District Court and the Administrative Court in Frankfurt. Until the mid-1980s he worked FSV Frankfurt at the former football second division as Managing Director. A responsible post in the controller followed the Neckermann dispatch AG.

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