About The Astronomy To The People

The serious and modern Astrology connects the people with nature. Astrology is a millennia-old science of experience about the astronomy to the people. You is based on the observation of the laws of nature in the sky and assumes that humans as part of nature and the cosmos is subject to these laws. In almost all early cultures, the observations of the sky used to gain knowledge about the laws of life. The oldest safe tracks of astrology dating to 2500 BC and were found in Mesopotamia.

Already, the early civilizations of the Egyptians and Babylonians knew zodiac sign. But only the Greek culture laid the foundations with their mathematical understanding for an Astrology, as we essentially now they know and use. She included the Zodiac, the basis for the system in the homes with the ascendant and the teaching of the four elements. She included the seven then-known planets and their angular distances. The Requirements for the individual birth Astrology were thus created.

The oldest known horoscope is about 2500 years old and comes from Greece. Astrology flourished in the Roman Empire. She remained here reserved not just priests and rulers, but was also used by well-to-do citizens. The emerging Christianity pushed back the influence of astrology. In the late Middle Ages it arrived in Europe to a renaissance of astrology. The basis of astrology not initially shake even the Copernican revolution that previously accepted vice versa could discovery that the Earth and the planets revolve around the Sun, and not like. Astrology was still popular and recognized. Kings and clergy used the services of astrologers for their decisions. At that time, leading astronomers were also important astrologers, such as such as Johannes Kepler. With the discovery of the laws of the planet he was railway breaking in astronomy. However, he did not see the basics of astrology by the new findings destroyed. Kepler warned theologians, physicians and philosophers to throw the baby out with the bathwater”. And indeed: for the experience of people on the Earth, it was immaterial whether the Sun revolves around the Earth or the earth around the Sun. The new heliocentric worldview based on the Sun changed nothing on the subjective experience of day and night, the changing of the seasons. Today we are talking about that the sun up and goes down as we see it from our point of view. If someone tells us of the beauty of the sunset, we keep him for a supporter of the thesis that the Sun revolves around the Earth. It is clear that the subjective quality of experience is meant to us. And this is an objective fact. The expulsion of astrology from the universities began with the education and progression of science and their increasing claim to be the only prevailing science. Just as in the second half of the 20th century the naturalist their borders increasingly were aware of the astrology in the form of new found entrance into the scientific discourse. By, we pass on our knowledge to you. Immerse in the fazienierende world of astrology

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