A Film About Uri Geller

Uri Geller was born Dec. 20, 1946 in Tel Aviv, went to school in Cyprus, and then returned with his parents in Israel. In 1924 became entertainers magician. Unlike their colleagues on a variety show Geller refused tricks with tents and hares, its objects were spoons, metal rings, watches and locks. Heller tenderly touched the spoon with his fingers, from which she immediately began to bend. He tore the metal rings without touching them, and repaired the clock, just looking at them. Was opened by the famous American parapsychologists Andria Puharishem.

After numerous tests and demonstrations Puharish concluded that Geller has psychokinetic powers. Heller told him that he does not know how he managed to achieve such power. He felt it even as a young child. At the age of six years, Geller found that can read the thoughts of his mother. Once she returned from the guests, playing cards for money. Small Geller looked at her and called the exact amount it lost. Parapsychologist Puharish was delighted with Geller, as scientists have long researched the abilities of mediums and tried to get out on the trail of the source from which they drew their strength, that is true, yet they could not, as most of the mediums could not at will turn on and off their skills. Uri Geller, it seemed, could control his extraordinary abilities, whenever he wanted.

Puharish hypnotized Uri morning December 1, 1971, so as to learn something about the cause of his talent. During a hypnosis session Geller told about one incident that happened to him at the age of three years. During this time he was walking in a park in Tel Aviv and suddenly he saw above him hung a sparkling ball shaped object, which approached Uri, uttering sounds high tones. Uri seemed bathed in the light of this world and completely fell unconscious to the ground. During the story Geller Puharish all the time I heard the voice, which he described as "ethereal and metallic." The voice said: 'We found a Uri in the park when he was three years old. He is our ally, which should help humanity. We have programmed his time in the park, as humanity stands on the brink of World War ii, and Uri will be those who will help to prevent catastrophe. He was elected and has tremendous power 'On etoi and much drugm told in a movie about Ur Geller


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