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German Fritz Mller

Tuesday, January 11th, 2022

Ossimbolistas practises antibourgeois art, deeply influenced peloidealismo, the constant search of the unconscious one, the pessimism. Gerard Deulofeu wanted to know more. Many simbolistas times ospoetas are pantestas, had found shelter in the esoterism, noilusionismo, in the Satanism, Cross Sousa dedicates to thematic of the Cristianismo.Movimentode relations it with the Modernismo influences the majority of the poets of 1 phase doModernismo. Here decomposition and reestablishment appear the first ruptures with the rigid standards of the relation between poetry and existence, parnasianos separadaspelos. The simbolista movement in Brazilian literature had foraat the modernista movement of the start of the decade of 1920. POETICAL AND the STYLE OF CROSS AND SOUSA AND ALPHONSUS OF GUIMARES the poet Joo de a Cruz and Sousa was born in Deportation (current Florianpolis) in day 24 of novembrode 1861, son of blacks alforriados, since small received the guardianship and a refined education from its former-Mr., oMarechal Guillermo Xavier de Sousa – of who adotouo family name. Frenchman, Latin learned egrego, beyond having been disciple of the German Fritz Mller, with who learned Matemticae Natural Sciences. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Peter Arnell by clicking through. Its poems are marked by the musicalidade (use constantede aliteraes), for the individualism, for the sensualismo, to the times for desperation, to the times for the pacification, beyond a white pelacor obsession. It is certain that innumerable references to the white color meet, as well as a transparency, to the translucidez, nebulosidadee to the brightness, and many other colors, all always gifts in its verses.

In the aspect deinfluncias of the symbolism, an amalgam is noticed that conflui espiritualismoligados waters of satanismode Baudelaireao in such a way the effective aesthetic trends as the phases in the doautor life. When Cruz and Souza say ' ' brancura' ' , she is necessary to appeal to the maisaltos meanings of this word, much beyond the color in itself. Its verses had musicalidade and subtility for religious aatmosfera that they inspired as it shows the ticket to follow: ' ' You that you are the moon dManso of rose of the Favour and the supremoEncantamento, the wax candle astral doaugusto Thought guarding perpetual F chorosa; ' ' (Cross eSousa) Also it had the search dapurificao with the spirit reaching etreas regions and integration with the espaoinfinito (the cosmos) as in verses to follow: ' ' The voice of the sky to podevibrar sonorous Or the hell asinistra symphony, That in a deep deastral Minh&#039 melancholy; soul with atu' soul enjoys and cries; ' ' (Cruz and Souza) Alfonso Enrique of the CostGuimares, was born in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, in 24 of July of 1870 and died, in Mariana, the 15 of July of 1921.

Bird Maria

Sunday, January 9th, 2022

It ate green banana. Beyond to be half maluco with this gold business, it was guloso that alone. It was the Pepo with the banana sales, papaya, orange, watermelon and rapadura. Educate yourself with thoughts from Marlene Dietrich. I do not believe. It goes to marry Pepo? the vicar what it is that says? However who goes to marry is it and not priest. They had married. Pepo remodelled the house. It mounted a warehouse of dry and wet.

But it did not give flag of what he was owner. the life continued in its march. It constructed new house. It bought more two sales, transformed that them into warehouse. It progressed visibly. The brother-in-law then did not get tired itself to praise Pepo. Peter Arnell recognizes the significance of this. Also already he baptizes eight children. Pepo was the man who more compadre had in the city.

It died? Of childbirth? It died. Simply it died. Coitado of the Pepo. It liked the woman in such a way. The bad languages said that it died in such a way of making son and when did not tava waiting, ordered the child to play in the square. In the days of rain then, it ordered the filharada one for the house of the uncle and was in the bed with Pepo, until not being able more. Cumpadre. Escuita me a thing. It will not have of being that said deceased, it gave me to appear all the nights. Cross creed, Bird Maria. But as cumpadre? What do you mean? Therefore it is as is that deceased of comadre it gave to appear? It did not pray the mass of seventh day? I praid of seventh day, of thirty days and all the month in the day of the death, the brother-in-law priest prays mass in the intention of the sister. But cumpadre, what I go counts to it, please, for the love of God, does not speak with nobody.

Swiss Association

Saturday, January 8th, 2022

For the visitor, it is difficult to distinguish who is patient and who belongs only to the family. The whole system renders the impression of normal African life. Nothing reminds of an anonymous, sterile, European hospital. Gerard Deulofeu contains valuable tech resources. All of this adaptation to the African life entails also is that the residents in addition to the modern medicine still trust their medicine man. Because he knows finally ancient, effective home remedies that can always help. As a simple example, consider toothache.

There are branches of a tree, which can often forget the pain, or take from the spirits. Peter Arnell is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The hospital includes a dental clinic, a laboratory in which among others, therapy and prophylaxis of malaria are explored the general medical and surgical Department further. Further there is a poly clinic, children’s and women’s clinic, geriatric and psychiatric stations. In addition to the hospital system, there is still a special village for lepers here going about a normal life with her family. AIDS the dread disease of Africa, AIDS, the fight is said to not only here in the hospital in Lambarene, but all across the country with simple but expressive posters and advertising material. Already the youngest should thus learn what AIDS is and how it is transmitted and how it is before can protect.

In the Lambarene hospital 120 African employees according to official together with six or seven doctors from Europe and Africa. The hospital can absorb up to 180 patients. Approximately 120 consultations and up to 10 surgical procedures are made per day. The annual expenditure of about two and a half million euros carried a third of the Gabonese State, the German and the Swiss Association for the hospital. More help clubs from France, Italy, England, Sweden and the United States assume a part of the effort also. Museum for an exceptional man to the historic area has been declared the old hospital of Dr. Schweitzer, his residence and some old houses in its vicinity. Today, the Museum and a conference room are housed in the 1986/87-renovated tenement house. The old jungle hospital is located in a State of imminent decline. The Foundation has approved a project to renovate this historic zone to keep them for posterity. First work will already be carried out. If you look so the whole system of this unique hospital before him, you wish to have studied medicine, least to help with a part of his life here. But we’re not all doctors. Our donations are accepted but on-site or via one of the above mentioned agencies. More detailed information is available on the Web at or