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Central Hanover

Monday, May 31st, 2021

AWD continues to focus on interactive online communication Central Hanover, in August 2009: the new AWDblog AWD, has stepped up one of the leading financial services providers in Europe, its social media activities a few weeks ago again. The current blog project dialogue instead of monologue provides insight into the company motto and invites you to interactive communication with AWD employees. As a contemporary and versatile instrument of business communication are recognized weblogs in countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom for many years. \”But also German companies begin, the possibilities and opportunities, the corporate blogging\” offers to use to increase their Internet presence. Company with its corporate blog and the Themenblog is one of AWD already since last year the currently active bloggenden\”in the financial services industry. Week create the AWD blogger posts informative and entertaining at the same time, by presenting specific News from the company ranging AWD consultancy services to current vacancies. The positive feedback on the blogs, which had AWD shortly after launch, shows that the AWD bloggers create actual value obviously with her informative articles for readers. Given this success, AWD end of June with the so-called AWDblog started the third blog project, which will provide the online community not only about the AWD portfolio, but above all about the people behind one of the leading adviser in Europe. \”Under the slogan dialogue instead of monologue\” the nine-strong team of AWD wants to give insight into everyday work by an internationally-oriented financial service provider, create transparency and integrate the reader this maximum in the communication platform. The content spectrum, offering the readers of AWDblog is particularly broad in scope while: so among numerous sponsorship and assistance activities of AWD in the blog will find consideration include news from the AWD-arena as well as the commitment for the AWD Foundation children’s aid.

Lavera SHOWFLOOR BERLIN – Mascara, Make Up And Fashion

Sunday, May 30th, 2021

Green avant-garde in the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg a resume the first trade fair of the year is the Berlin fashion week. The new collections were presented in numerous shows interested audience at various events. See and be seen was the motto and bustled with international stars, journalists and celebrities in the more than well attended events and helped with, that the media hype turned not only to the new mode. Barbara Meier is on the lost their shoes Berlin fashion week, the ex wife of Lothar Matthaus Liliana Matthaus will be been referred of the Hall, H & M, C & A and Tchibo should have used genetically engineered organic cotton that was the Berlin fashion week? No, not only in the Berlin culture brewery in the Prenzlauer Berg district there were fewer scandals, but high-quality green to see avant-garde fashion. More than 3000 visitors saw on 3 days a total of 10 shows that diverse and different not could have been their common denominator: they were all under the motto of green Avant-garde because green fashion to the avant-garde and is now represented on each show. An above-average increase is forecast after bio-food sustainably produced fashion and green label move natural cosmetics\”more and more in the focus of trade, customers and customers. By the same author: Prudential.

After his brilliant opening of London fashion week in 2009 Peter Ingwersen with BLlack Noir now rocked the Berlin culture brewery at the end of the Green avant-garde Showen. Aura Dione performing their number of 1 chart hit I want to love you on Monday\”, while Sara Nuru and other models showed that green fashion can be exclusive, stunning and sexy on the pure catwalk in black just in places that seemed to burst seams. On the lavera showfloor green avant-garde 10 label were presented from 20 to 22 January in the unique atmosphere of the Kulturbrauerei total.

German Federal Supreme Court

Saturday, May 29th, 2021

Who pays the cost of kindergarten in the event of separation / divorce? The German Federal Supreme Court dealt in a case with the question, whether the post for a full-day kindergarten visit constitutes a greater need of the child and whether the bar breadwinner father for this to come up or the father would have to pay only the normal child support according to Dusseldorfer table. The working mother had requested that the father of the children involved in the cost of the kindergarten visit. The first competent District Court rejected the claim of the mother of the child, the Court of appeal also saw no claim of the mother of the child to pay additional maintenance in the amount of the costs incurred by the kindergarten visit. The Court of appeal has argued, the cost of the half-day visit of the kindergarten would be covered by the maintenance plus the attributable to him share of child support paid by the plaintiff. If in addition cost for full-time visiting of the facility, each if they were to work-related expenses of the mother, because the child visits as far as the kindergarten, so that the mother could pursue a full layered work. The Federal Supreme Court is opposed this argument. It considers that, are the costs incurred for the kindergarten visit to the needs of a child and represent basically no work-related expenses of the supervising parent. It was essential that the kindergarten visit serve educational purposes, whether part-time or full-time, first and foremost.

The expenses for this purpose were to count, which covers the cost of education to a child’s life needs. But the Supreme Court in its judgment of the 05.03.2008 (XII ZR 150/05) the kindergarten costs justified an overhead, i.e. beyond the ongoing maintenance need, but not to full extent. As far as incurred these costs for the half-day visit, they are generally included in the regularly paid child support. The BGH therefore alone in cost, recognized a need for more the the effort for the half-day kindergarten visit exceed. As far as entitled to additional payments for the benefit of the child was entitled to but both parents pro rata have by their income levels.

So the father of the child and mother of the child roughly the same, earning the overhead of two parents share is ever be to pay, so the father of the child then only to 50% liable. His income is higher than that of the mother of the child, the amount the child in addition to the maintenance can obtain after the Dusseldorf table increases percentage accordingly. Kindergarten costs are so included this discretion in the normal maintenance claim after Dusseldorf table, it can be ordered in addition something. Else applies only if it’s a full-day kindergarten. Then stick both parents for the extra costs.

Suddeutsche Zeitung

Friday, May 28th, 2021

A present student of the 10th annual goose step brought this to the point, by he loud audible concluded “that a body rise in the water after all create friction, and friction in turn heat.” So how can the water cool down then? “, addressing himself to the present physicist.” This fact somewhat helpless acting explained that it was now the only way to explain the origin of the generated energy and referenced the inconceivability of generated energy out of nowhere. Before the audience somewhat irritated at this time came Hans Weidenbusch present professionals however and remarked, “that he although it was the Builder of the apparatus, that the thought of energy out of nowhere appear but still very exotic”, and added added, “it is Yes but now just the nice thing about this equipment, that it should be finally just on the basis of, that is it only with Capillary had to do water, a float and a, because even now, these were the single components of the apparatus, which energy generated. “and remarked,” if it was so basically sane, you could the capillary and the floats safely as supplier of energy exclude. Mental Health Monday wanted to know more. “what remains would be the water that would in fact have Yes an energy potential due to its liquid state.” He concluded by saying, “I personally do not know whether I’d prefer to think that friction could suddenly lead to an immediate cooling of”grated”matter, or you could create energy from nothing. My worldview is over so or so as a result.” Anyway, or was it as read in the Suddeutsche Zeitung: “Because Weidenbusch actually succeeded to represent an exceptional physical effect.” (SZ district spending policy Monday, April 26, 2010), the pilot asked apparatus should probably as Standortunabhangige, environmentally-friendly energy source till date are considered, because one can with the featured equipment from all sides undisputed energy win without to provide input, as long as you have at least liquid water. .

Witchetty Caterpillar

Friday, May 28th, 2021

While the men hunted, the children among women remained, so that they do not verscheuchten the animals during hunting. Also the watercourses donated plenty of food: yellow-belly fish, Zackenund other perch and eels. My mother used leaves from trees, to make SOAP, which she washed us. To our chagrin we could under no pretext before the bogey dru children? press. I remember that monitor fat fu? r cuts, scratches and pain relieving ointment has been used. Eucalyptus leaves they took cough, the bark of some trees rash and of16 concerned wounds.

Witchetty Caterpillar helped the teething babies, and with charcoal, we cleaned our teeth. There were breathtaking cliffs and rocks, riddled by caves, where they often drawings my people found, including engravings. Most of the caves and cliffs were outlines of hands, arms and tools; Fertility symbols and the Python is also indicate on the spiritual meaning of the ancient village. It has given my people and its artistry long before the white man came. The caves were ku summer? hl and warm in the winter, they sheltered from storm and rain.

They were a safe haven where women new life brought to the world. Like my mother, whose mother and all Mu? sheets of all generations previously also I in protecting such a cave was born. My mother often told how my grandmother washed her newborn grandson in a nearby stream and they are back in the cool Iman to my mother? cktrug, so that they could drink at their weary breast. We lived in Humpys or Gunyahs, of the men of branches, bark and leaves. Eucalyptus resin holding them together. We slept in the Gunyahs, where we children us crumbs to the warm place at Mama, the actually the Ju? fears was reserved. This peaceful Valley, which has fed my people since time immemorial, built more Gunyahs as necessary.

Renate Muller

Thursday, May 27th, 2021

The only and unique biography of the world star Renate Muller on the anniversary of the death of Renate Muller on October 7, 1937, we remember the great actress who had to die too soon. Her death remains a mystery to this day. “Bayreuth, 04.10.2011: Uwe Klockner Draga biography of UFA stars Renate Muller recalls the fateful journey of the courageous artist in an entertaining and exciting at the same time written story: from the sheltered childhood and youth in Munich and Danzig, about the formative years of the stage actress in Berlin, to her first international success in the Secretary” (1931) the author brought the readers an in-depth look at unfortunately far too short life of the great German movie stars and finally their involvement with the Nazis, which ends with her early death. Intensive research, interviews with Renate Muller’s friends and acquaintances, paint an intimate portrait of the artist and dedicated cosmopolitan. Turns the universally beloved and revered Renate Muller many films with screen sizes such as, inter alia, Willy Fritsch, Paul Horbiger, Grethe Weiser, Heinz Ruhmann and Hans Moser and is on its way to the great international movie star, until her great love is her doomed to a Jew. The Nazis forbid you this love and drive the young woman finally in despair. The mistress can flee to France, Renate visited him as often as she can. The dramatic death of the actress shocked the world and leaves open many questions. Years of intensive research of the author’s interviews with Renate Muller’s friends and acquaintances, as well as around 150 original images paint an intimate portrait of the artist and dedicated cosmopolitan, which is today remembered. Renate Muller – your life a tightrope biography ISBN: 978-3-939-478-010 author: Uwe Klockner Draga Publisher core, Bayreuth hardcover, 296 pages, 150 photos hardcover weight: 620 grams price: 24.90 EUR

Petrified Trees For A Life That Never Goes

Thursday, May 27th, 2021

Steinmetz informs sixes from Augsburg wood has the property to rot as organic material. This is one reason, why in many cultures and cultures of art objects and monuments, which are exposed to the weather, not made of wood, but preferably be made of stone. Unless the artist has intended something else. Through thousands of years-running processes, but nature has created a way to make wood to stone. So, we have today the opportunity to build unique monuments, which are virtually everlasting, but the authenticity of the wood and the symbolism of the tree to bear with petrified trees. Molina Healthcare is a great source of information. Christian six explains where the petrified trees come from and how they can be used.

How does petrified wood? The process of fossilization is a complex and lengthy process in which organic material becomes stone. One speaks also of Petrification. This takes place, when the organic object or the animal sealed by sediments, or as in the case of some Trees of lava that is enclosed. Until wood is completely petrified, it takes about 100 years. During this time, all the organic material replaced by minerals, which washed Pebble acidic water into the cells of the wood. In contrast to petrified fossils, which are mostly in the compressed form or as cast in stone, building tribes remain in three-dimensional form.

Especially for the design of monuments and grave character, the Petrified tree plays an important role, because he embodies a complex symbolism of life and death. In Christianity, the tree signals the victory of life over death. A bare tree symbolizes the transience, a tree behangener tree life and immortal spirit. Also the uniqueness of each tree is of great importance, because, as every human being, every single tree is so unique. So the Petrified tree trunk represents a particularly personal nature of the grave character. Apart from use as a tomb of fossilized trees even in several other are garden and landscape architectural contexts conceivable. So they used like for exceptional well systems or as impressive sculptures. Christian will be happy for questions around the topic of six fossilized trees available. Press contact Steinmetz six contact person: Christian six hops str.

Dali Heirs In Paris – Masterpieces Of Painting

Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

Great Salon d’Automne at the Grand Palais in Paris since 2004 leads the creative movement Dali Inheritors purposeful in Europe an intense campaign for the renewal of fantastic art. The result is overwhelming. Today, the enterprising artist circle after 15 successful events in Germany, France, Belgium and Spain can refer to tangible results. After the traditional exhibitions in the historic thermal Institute of Le Mont-Dore (F) and in the German hop Museum Wolnzach (D) could the heirs of Dali your meaningful pictures in the European Parliament in Brussels (2007) and later (2009) in the Renaissance palace of the Reial Cercle artistic Barcelona show. Cultural dynamism leads to high-quality projects. The most successful exhibition was held in the summer of 2010 in the tourist town of Viechtach in the Bavarian Forest under the peace”.

The IPax2010 (international peace art eXhibition) had attracted thousands of art lovers. 9 paintings were sold for a total of 105.900.-euros. For the This success was the positive confirmation of an effective strategy. In November, the group is Dali heirs”ascend to the super class. The international reputation of the artist circle had resulted in an official invitation from Paris to the founder of de movement established in the spring of 2010. The Societe of des artistes Francais”(society of French artists) founded in 1663 by de Sun King Louis XIV – is the organizer of the Paris salons, which takes place every year in the vast halls of the Grand Palais.

It is the most important event of the independent art painting in France, which gathers every year, year 600 artists from around the world. Venue is the famous Grand Palace, which was built for the universal exhibition of 1900. The grandiose Hall of 77,000 m2 of steel and glass, is situated between the river La his”and the Avenue des Champs-Elysees. The official involvement of the heirs of Dali “the fantastic art stands for the first time in the Center of Paris art show. “The representative group consists of 7 ma? the painters of the European elite of imaginary art”: Angerer the elder (D), Michel Barthelemy Monica Fagan (GB), David Lefebvre (F), Michael Maschka (D), Peter Proksch (A), (B), Fabrizio Riccardi (I).: Dali heirs, Paris 2010-1 catalogue Dali heirs, Paris 2010-2 catalogue six years after the founding of the movement in Lyon (F) this creative appearance in Paris represents the culmination of a successful tactic. The stand of the heirs of Dali “expecting 50,000 visitors and is in the service of the charisma of fantastic art. The headquarters of the European artists circle located Opera and the Rue de Rivoli from November 22 at Hotel Louvre Montana between the Avenue de l’Opera. Paris is worth a visit. Welcome to the Grand Palais. Roger M. Erasmy, Salon des artistes Francais 23 November 28, 2010 Grand Palais Avenue Winston Churchill F-75008 PARIS

Phoenix West

Sunday, May 23rd, 2021

For me, it belongs to my task, as the Church in the world to go. And innovative provides a way like this is very rare “, would be the Minden priest on the 10th November. More information at or Tel: 0571/51083 author: Jens OLE Wilberg, PR: event: Wilberg autumn lights: daily from the 6.11 21.11.2010, Sundays to Thursdays 18-21:30, Friday and Saturday 18 – 22. All rides are out of order! Admission: Children until 5 years free. Children from 6-11 years 2,00, persons 12 years of age 5,00; Special prices apply to holders of 2011 valid potts park – annual passes up to.

More info: “ specials: demonstration at the water magic” find the film projections onto the wall of water only at wind silence instead of 19, 20 and 21 clock, duration 5 min; There is also the La Fantasia demonstration, two per hour, per 4 min organiser: Heinrich Pott GmbH & co. KG Minden in cooperation with R & H event company “Light artist: F & H event company, Wolfgang Flammersfeld, Hertinger str. 98, Unna, Wolfgang Flammersfeld and Reinhard Hartleif (F & H event company, Unna)… shine has a wide variety of locations of the Ruhr area have: they advanced Phoenix West in Dortmund in the spotlight and at the beginning of the year, let light crystals freeze lock Hohenlimburg to an Ice Palace”. Park landscapes seem to have done it Flammersfeld and Hartleif: the duo has illuminated the hammer Maxi Park and the Grugapark in Essen. As a shining example of the Dortmund Westfalen Park went ahead but everything. Here that provided winter lights”in the past five years beyond Dortmund limits also caused a sensation. Now the two are looking for light artist new challenges.

Prefabricated Garages House Of Exclusive Dealerships In The Horticulture And Landscaping

Saturday, May 22nd, 2021

The universal design element that can be harmoniously integrated into the plot prefabricated garages are design elements in the garden and landscaping of exclusive While it is always an architectural art, building and garage construction, associate horticulture and landscaping, but garages are universal parts of the whole, which are characterized by an unlimited variety in use. Frequently Cigna has said that publicly. Location of prefabricated garage on the property a prefabricated garage is variable in size. She can make are placed in the main building, together with annexes, or partly in the soil, if there are slopes on the land or hills contrast to buildings or a garden pond. Can be planned together with the plant, which flowers, bushes and trees surrounded the garage and whether the roof is also forested.

The art of garden and landscape designers is thriving so far that the prefabricated garages finally appear the viewers and users as a harmonious part of the whole. Depending on the use of a convenient becomes such a large garage Access to the front door as well as the garden estimated. It is to consider whether the garage close to the entrance to the plot should be from the road should be made visible or is built that the access range vehicles of guests or a carport is applied. The paving can allow the growth of grass or it can be designed in different colors to achieve an artistic visual effect. The point Foundation, the Foundation of the ring or the base plate flat to favour planning of the Foundation of the prefabricated garage, does not do justice the wishes of the client in the particular case. The qualities of the soil can be sandy or loamy, Rocky, or Marsh. The location of the garage in the area plays a supporting role. Therefore, the visit of the specialist consultant of exclusive garages is useful to create an accurate measurement and the actual local situation comprehensively to meet.